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Walks of all lengths and levels of difficulty can be found around Castleton.

Walk 1

A pleasant short walk (1 hour approximately) to see some of the local sights and get a feel of the local landscape starts from the village market square. Note – although short, this walk climbs steeply and covers some quite rough ground!

From the top of the square take the narrow path into Cavedale – this had a natural stone arch over end of it until the late 18th century. Cavedale is a spectacular narrow limestone valley with Peveril Castle perched on the rocks above it.

Follow the path up the dale until it begins to level out, and you meet a wall across the dale, with a gate and stile in it. From here, double back along a faint track which goes along the top edge of Cavedale on the right-hand (western side). This path follows a wall initially, later a fence, and heads almost directly for Peveril Castle.
Continue along the top edge of Cavedale until you reach a point opposite the keep of Peveril Castle. There was once a drawbridge here and it was one of the main entrances to the castle. You are right above the entrance to Peak Cavern and there is a fine view down into Cavedale and to Castleton Village.

Warning! It is tempting but very dangerous to cross the fence to get a better view – there are steep drops in all directions and slippery ground!

From here turn left and follow the fence downwards, down some rather steep ground, to eventually meet a path on your left which comes down off the moor. This descends to Goosehill and a paved road which leads back to the market square.

Walk 2

Another pleasant walk (approximately 3 hours) from the village goes up via Winnats Pass and across the top of Mam Tor before looping back to the village.

From the market square take the narrow lane towards Peak Cavern and cross Peakshole Water, but instead of turning left to the cavern, continue on straight ahead up Goosehill.

The tarmac runs out and you should continue along a path which follows a wall along the top edge of the fields to reach the narrow road just below the entrance to Speedwell Cavern.

Follow this road, which can be quite busy, up the spectacular chasm which is Winnats Pass. This was formed by the collapse of a large limestone cavern thousands of years ago. It is not necessary to walk along the road itself because there is a wide verge.

Near the top of the pass the verge narrows and you take the stile in the wall on the right to pass just behind Winnats Head Farm and continue in a westerly direction to meet the B6061 road at the top.

Go straight across this and carry on in the same direction to meet another footpath and follow this right before crossing the A625 road.

From here go straight uphill to meet the minor road just below Mam Nick, and then a few yards up this road go through the stile and follow the paved path to the top of Mam Tor.

The view here is magnificent, with all of Hope Valley laid out before you and Edale Valley and Kinder Scout to the north.

Continue along the path which traverses Mam Tor and carry on along the ridge north-eastwards to Hollins Cross, where the path from Edale to Castleton crosses the ridge.

Turn right and follow the path down, which reaches first an old sunken path (or hollow-way) and eventually a paved road which leads back to Castleton.